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Giuliano Mazzuoli
Giuliano Mazzuoli ed il manometro


Even though I had some requests, I have never designed anything for other brands. I started with agenda books and then designed two lines of pens. One line of pens was inspired by workshop tools and one was inspired by the famous coffee machine that I appropriately called Mokina. Even today these objects are produced and distributed by one of the family businesses managed by my sons Emiliano and Tommaso, who I am very proud of because they too show creative initiative.
The principle company of my small group is Giuliano Mazzuoli Srl for which I personally designed the logo. It's a point at the center with triangles all around it representing concentration. They are nine because this number represents birth and in this case the birth of my company. A "little face" was the most original design after a persistent attempt to design a watch. I gave up on the project.